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BMCS Launches First Sumcoin Crypto Investment Fund

The BMCS Sumcoin Index Fund seeks to ease investors in cryptocurrency by having them hold and track one coin.

Photo by leungchopan / Blockwatch

BMCS, a digital asset-focused firm has officially announced the launch of its brand new cryptocurrency investment fund today. Backed by an initial investment of $15 million, the BMCS Sumcoin Index Fund seeks to provide exposure to Sumcoin, which is the world’s first cryptographic index of the top 100 coins per market value.

The fund will employ a single-asset investment strategy, the goal of which is to generate capital appreciation derived from high-performing digital coins. Via the fund, investors will have the chance to invest capital in Sumcoin. Sumcoin is a cryptographic blockchain and index, which is guarded by a proof-of-work algorithm and tracks as well as analyzes a merged or combined market capitalization of the top 100 coins as a way to aggregate their values into one coin.

Sumcoin’s benefit comes from the elimination of the need for investors to monitor the price of 100 individual coins by way of the deployment of a model that enables investors to hold just the one coin. This helps immensely in not just mitigating risk but also by shielding investors from high-risk factors, instead garnering a potential for risk-adjusted returns that are deemed attractive. Sumcoin serves as an alternative crypto offering for any and all investors looking to invest in cryptocurrencies but not get tangled in the complexities of it all. By having them only worry about keeping track of one coin, Sumcoin eliminates the confusion.

Tony Miller, the CEO and founder of BMCS Sumcoin Index Fund said “The BMCS Sumcoin Index fund is for those who want to gain maximum exposure to the crypto space but may only want to hold one coin for simplicity, which can reduce risk factors. Investing in Sumcoin is safer and more stable than investing in some of the top-valued coins. While not a stable coin, it’s more of a Dow Jones type of coin that doesn’t have extreme dips, like other coins in the crypto space.“

Furthermore, Mr. Miller went into detail regarding the investment in BMCS Sumcoin Index, likening it to investing in the future crypto. “it’s like investing into crypto as a whole, not just Bitcoin,” he said. Sumcoin would aggregate the “SUM” of the top 100 coins that are most valuable by market capitalization. BMCS Sumcoin Index Fund’s model is lucrative in a way that investors may have not experienced with the likes of Greyscale, Osprey and Bitwise, allowing them a way to invest in a new crypto-based company from the ground floor.

“The entire crypto landscape is burgeoning and we believe Sumcoin is an overlooked opportunity. Our goal is to enhance the value and liquidity of Sumcoin in the digital ecosystem. We also view it as our chance to introduce these opportunities responsibly with a focus on privacy and exemplary service,” Mr. Miller added.

BMCS Sumcoin’s investment products are available to both institutional and accredited investors by way of ongoing private placements. The top-100 Sumcoin are traded publicly in accordance with the rules and regulations of the SEC and can may also be bought and sold throughout the day via any brokerage account.


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