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Lana Rhoades Allegedly ‘Rug Pulls’ NFT Project CryptoSis, Deletes Twitter Account in the Aftermath

After her project CryptoSis didn’t end up doing quite well, she seemingly deleted her Twitter account but not before stating she wants “nothing to do” with NFTs anymore.

Lana Rhoades
Photo @lanarhoades

Lana Rhoades, an adult film star with a huge following on social media, has seemingly deleted her Twitter account. Her account vanished on Thursday, probably by Rhoades herself, once she made a series of tweets that were for all intents and purposes protesting any criticism she’d received for CryptoSis, her NFT project.

A couple of people have come out and openly accused this project of being a ‘rug pull’, seeing as how funds from the mints have been cashed out, and Lana Rhoades has since said she may now be deleting her Discord app, opting to distance herself entirely from the project. As of today though, the Discord group for the project is still active and hasn’t been shut down yet.

Rhoades’ NFTs have a current floor price (or minimum “buy now” price) on OpenSea of only 0.001 ETH ($26), that is to say, dramatically lower than their original mint price of 0.1 ETH ($261), which really isn’t surprising given the situation.

Until the possibility of CryptoSis being a potential ‘rug pull’, Rhoades regularly posted about it on both her now-deleted Twitter account and her verified Instagram account, both which had 1.5 million and 16.8 million followers respectively.

In those posts, Rhoades said on multiple occasions that her plan was to make her NFT project “a lucrative investment for holders” with her primary focus being to “increase the value” of her NFTs. Adding to that were promises of other holder benefits such as exclusive future drops, physical merchandise, as well as direct interactions with both her and other “CryptoSis models” in the “metaverse.”

Unfortunately, to say things haven’t quite gone as planned would, at this point, be an understatement. Rhoades initially stated in her NFT project’s official Discord server that “we will probably sell out quick.”

That was a promise Rhoades continued to make to her community in January, where she said her NFTs would really be worth something. She wrote “The value is going to go way up over the next few months.” With that said, she assured her followers and fans that “this is just the start of the brand.”

That really didn’t end up being the case, though, and the total collection size was only ever reduced to 6,969 and then once again to 6,069 in order to increase its chances of it doing so. On January 22, Rhoades wrote to her community in an attempt to reassure them by saying “We will be sold out by tomorrow and working on the next phase of the plan.”

Rhoades walked a statement back where she told her community that her project would be a “lucrative investment” on Wednesday. She then stated that she wasn’t really sure she could “turn this investment around” or “make people profit.” Not only that, but she also appeared to be giving up on her NFT project altogether, citing that it was now up to the community to bring any sort of value to the initiative moving forward.

Coffeezilla made a video calling Rhoades’ CryptoSis project a rug pull, which resulted in a series of angry tweets from her, after which she subsequently deleted her Twitter account. In her tweets, Rhoades called YouTubers “sickos,” even stating, “I have never and will never scam anyone, I don’t need to.”

When a Twitter user told her to “stop doing NFTs,” she responded by saying, “Trust I want nothing to do with the space anymore.”

While it’s unclear moving forward as to the extent of her engagement with her NFT community’s Discord, she did state that she will in fact keep the funds that were earned from the project’s mint and cited the reason being a need to pay out the development team. Regarding her Discord, she asserted it’d be modified to holders-only.


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