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Matt Damon’s Crypto Ad Start Trending, Draws plenty of criticism

The ‘Bourne’ Movie star has been appearing in Crypto centric ads since October, though people have only started to notice just now.

Matt Damon’s been appearing in a commercial advertising crypto. Though the ad he’s been in has aired since October, most people have only taken note of it now, which has inevitably got him trending, though not quite in the way you’d want to be.

In the ad, the Oscar-nominated actor, most famously known for the Bourne films, tells all viewers that “fortune favors the brave.” He then draws a comparison between investors of crypto to the arctic explorers, Wright brothers and astronauts. Now, a few months down the line when these commercial’s have become more mainstream, their message has also hit the viewers at large, hence being the reason why he is in fact trending.

Adam Johnson of the Citations Needed podcast, took to Twitter and wrote: ” Saddest thing about Matt Damon’s macho-baiting crypto pitch where the viewer must ACT NOW or he’s a weak pussy is that this is a top 3 classic pitch all financial schemes have used to goad men into forking over their paltry savings. Nothing has changed in 150 years.”

Over at The Guardian, Carole Cadwalladr said, “There isn’t enough yuck in the world to describe Matt Damon advertising a Ponzi scheme.”

Chiming in, anti-crypto programmer Stephen Diehl wrote, “I just can’t get over the unfiltered nihilism that suggests that investing in dog coins is like the moon landing.”

The reason behind such renewed interest in the commercial relates to a targeted advertising push from They’ve been tackling the competition FTX as they both went head to head competing over sports fans. Yesterday’s Sunday Night Football matchup between division rivals Minnesota Viking and Green Bay packers gave many a first look at their commercial; which is consistently one of their top-rated shows on TV, among other football telecasts, as well.

Both FTX and have made announcements informing people of their commercials at this year’s Super Bowl on Feb 13th. Companies are ready and willing to pay for up to $6.5 million for even 30 seconds of air time. In contrast to that, a run-of-the-mill 30-second spot for a regular-season game would range from $500,000 and $1 million.

It’s smart for these exchanges to invest in the sports scene of sorts, as it’s been said that U.S. sports fans are more akin to gambling than most average Americans. That being said, they’re more supportive of online gambling’s legalization, and are likely to use betting as a way to connect to the sport. for such an audience, Crypto’s high-risk investment profile works quite well.

FTX has been rather busy investing in the sports scene. They’ve struck a deal with the Golden State Warriors, bought rights to the Miami Heat arena, and even have its set of deals with the Washington Wizards. Coinbase on the other hand has been making some big moves as well, like signing on with Kevin Durrant, and became the official currency with both the NBA and the WNBA.


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