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Mexico Senator Indira Kempis Proposes Bitcoin Legal Tender Bill, Its Passing is Uncertain

Senator Indira Kempis is determined to see her country be the 2nd largest to adopt Bitcoin as a legal tender.

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Senator of the state of Nuevo Leon in Mexico, Indira Kempis, wishes for her country to be the 2nd largest in the entire world to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender, despite the fact that the odds do not favor her much at all.

The legislator had nothing but praises to sing for Bitcoin’s attributes during a recent interview with Dairio El Salvador, where she highlighted the aid this inclusive currency brings to the unbanked. She also put a spotlight on the consultation she’s had with the people who are knowledgeable in the asset, and how she now wishes to use the political influence she has in order to promote the usability of Bitcoin across Mexico.

“We need bitcoin to be a legal tender in Mexico because if not if we don’t make that decision as El Salvador did, it will be very difficult to concretize further actions,” said Kempis. Also adding to her statement was her style to create laws that “anticipate the future” instead of merely fixing the past.

Kempis’ stance leaning on Bitcoin has been going on for a while now. In the aftermath of El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele’s announcement regarding Bitcoin being adopted as legal tender in his country, she was one of the politicians to set her sights on their profile pictures in order to emphasize pro-crypto views.

Ever since that happened she’s made it her mission to, and has been working on a proposal for a crypto-friendly legal framework.

Of course, the road to making Mexico a crypto-nation isn’t that easy.

Back in October, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the President of Mexico made it clear in a press conference that his administration doesn’t find adopting Bitcoin as a means of payment all that interesting at all, let alone having it adopted as a legal tender. Instead, he put the notion of strengthening the country’s financial system by way of fighting tax evasion under the lens.

“We think that we must maintain orthodoxy in the management of finances (and) not try to innovate too much in financial management,” he stated.

López Obrador’s term will officially be over in 2024, which means that Kempis’ initiative will have to take a back seat until the time is right, which, from the looks of things, won’t be for about 2 more years. However, even if that didn’t end up being the case, she’d still more than likely face long odds considering that she is a member of just the 3rd largest opposition party titled Movimiento Ciudadano. Strong support, the kind which extends beyond the senator’s very own party would be required for this law to go forward.


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