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Nvidia’s Endeavor to Throttle GPUs For Miners of Ethereum Considered “Pointless”

Nvidia’s attempt at throttling their RTX 3000 series to reduce the Ethereum mining efficiency hasn’t had much effect.


Nvidia has found itself at the center of a battle, the 2 parties being the gaming community and the crypto miners responsible for the graphics cards’ prices surging. Last year, though, the company picked a side. That side being gamers, their more lucrative market, without a doubt.

In May of 2021, Nvidia announced that it would in fact be throttling its hash power for the line of RTX 3000 graphics cards, the aim here being to make them “less desirable” for any miners of crypto. They called it Lite Hash Rate, or, LHR, the software update was for mining Ethereum in particular, and to make it 50% less efficient according to the firm.

But, as it would appear, a new report from PC gamer has reportedly revealed that all of this may have been in vain.

Mining pool provider NiceHash stated that the introduction of LHR “did not discourage miners at all.”

Furthermore, a solo miner mining Ethereum with a mixture of both LHR and non-LHR GPUs said that “LHR was pointless” and that the software update “isn’t a deal-breaker for miners.” Despite the mix of GPUs, the miner was able to earn roughly $4,500 in Ethereum on a monthly basis.

Miners were also able to mine any lesser-known cryptocurrencies other than Ethereum. A miner named Sev spoke with PC Gamer, telling them that ” there’s coin even better than Ethereum to mine for my purposes of monthly withdrawals rather than holding.”

This focus on smaller cryptocurrencies shall also play a much more important role in the battle of graphics cards the minute the Ethereum Network goes ahead and switches from its Proof-of-Work (PoW) mining to Proof-of-Stake (PoS) algorithm.


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