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Producer Behind ‘Entourage’ Set to Make Show on Crypto

“Hold On for Dear Life” will get its token and NFT’s as well.

Courtesy of HBO

The producer behind iconic shows like Entourage and Ballers is gearing up to produce AND direct a new show based on cryptocurrency.

Rob Weiss, who is known for focusing on shows that are male-dominated in terms of their demographic, will be taking the reins on the show, called Hold on for Dear Life which is in and of itself a backronym for HODL, better known as a battlecry for Bitcoin maximalists. (HODL is actually borne out of a typo in a Bitcoin form….The more you know.)

While this show is niche-y enough for it to be in Weiss’s ballpark, you’d be surprised to know that the tech founder at the heart of the story will not in fact be played by Adrian Grenier, who is himself a noted crypto enthusiast, or even Dwayne Johnson, the biggest alpha dog out there. They’ve apparently gone in a different direction in that it places a young woman in the center of everything. 

The young female protagonist, Mel, creates a token in honor of her boyfriend who’s essentially MIA. Now, along with her friends in tow, she must navigate the intricate world of crypto a LA Silicon Valley or Betas, which also includes a crypto-anarchist and a Lambo lover, both in tow. 

Like the previous hits from Weiss, the show is supposed to be funny, in the same vein as Ballers or Entourage, though a crossover potential is brewing for sure since the show has minted its own ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. This was so that the token holders can now receive and share in on the show’s profits. These sales will also go towards the show’s production and funding. The pilot hasn’t been shot at the moment, but principal photography is expected to start this month. 

The show will consist of 10 episodes and is written by Suhh Toshee (smart play on words, there) operating under a pseudonym and will be executive produced by Mark Pennell, Satoshi Nakamoto Productions, and the MAP group. 

The show-runners naming is built upon by a decentralized application for earning NFTs by watching TV named Sator. Of course, that means that HODL watchers will in fact be eligible for NFT’s of art and content from the show.


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