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Some Salvadorians Are Behind The Bukele’s Bitcoin Policy Regardless of Warnings

Some Salvadorians still stand behind the policy of Bitcoin within the country despite the controversy.

Photo by Stevan Ovicigor

Some Salvadorians have come out expressing their support for the adoption of their country’s Bitcoin policy, per France 24. Karen Hernandez said “It has been a very, very good experience and increased our sales. It has taken us to another level of business.” She sells mobile device accessories in El Salvador, she said in a conversation with France 24.

“We give the customers a little orientation on how to use the wallet. Once they learn how to use it, they buy something from us. It’s a win-win situation,” states Elizabeth Arevalo, who works in a computer store.

The development of this situation and news comes during the IMF or International Monetary Fund’s latest warning to El Salvador.

Their Bitcoin adoption “entails large risks for financial and market integrity, financial stability, and consumer protection. It can also create contingent liabilities,” the IMF said.

The President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele decided to respond to the matter with a meme on Twitter.

As far as the criticism and the divide is concerned, it seems to be coming from not just abroad but on their home turf as well. A fruit vendor by the name of Antonio Molina told France 24 “I couldn’t care less if they ditch Bitcoin or not, there’s no benefit to me, I only work with the dollar, I don’t accept Bitcoin.”

Back in December 2021, the country’s citizens reported Bitcoin balances were vanishing from their Chivo wallets, which is backed by the state crypto wallet supporting the venture.

Then, last summer, they also protested on various occasions regarding Bitcoin adoption. Even universities produced surveys that showcased most Salvadorians did not in fact believe in Bukele’s embrace of Bitcoin.


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