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STALKER dev’s Remove NFT-Based Plans After Backlash

The developers made a quick statement explaining the situation before promptly removing it and abandoning their plans entirely.

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NFTs are undoubtedly gaining momentum in the crypto space, earning quite a name for themselves. They’re spanning across all sorts of media, and the latest bit of art they’ve set their sights on is gaming.

Ubisoft was the 1st AAA developer to come out and announce NFT based gear for Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Joining them, at least until they backtracked on the decision, was the studio behind STALKER. In their upcoming game, the developers’ decided to feature an NFT based NPC, an act of promotion of course, for which they did post an explanation to cite their reasons. They did this in response to the backlash they received from not only fans waiting for the title, but eventually the entire industry. Following their statement, they unexpectedly deleted it, opting to post a new statement instead, assuring fans that they’re abandoning the NFT concept, canceling it. They made it clear that they’re not going to be pursuing any other NFT related endeavors in the future, as well.

Evidence suggests that core gamers are pretty much rejecting the idea of NFTs making their way into the gaming industry. STALKER 2 had, prior to this whole fiasco, zero bad press to it, and fans and gaming enthusiasts alike were all looking forward to the title. The minute they tread into the NFT space, though, everything went sideways for them.

Backtracking to Breakpoints issues, the game’s NFT acquisition required players to put in 100-600 hours for them to even get access. Weapon skins featured in the game have already made their way onto auction sites, and folks are asking for thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars for them. Of course, the ‘latest’ bid was just $21.

Suffice it to say gamers’ view on NFTs as a new method of microtransactions is a negative one, as this is one thing they’ve been pushing back on for over a decade now at this point. Add to that the baggage of the blockchain, the potential damage to the environment, and the probability of scams, and it doesn’t paint a good picture in their eyes.

They also can’t really seem to think up a sensible way to incorporate NFTs into games. Regarding STALKER, the idea to auction off an NPC that looks like the player can be achieved without involving the blockchain at all. Digital Marketplaces have existed for eons at this point without the blockchain’s presence.

The idea behind NFTs representing a core form of ownership hasn’t done well to convince fans who see NFT markets elsewhere as a pretty good idea to invest in or give any thought to. To conclude, NFTs in their current form just don’t make a ton of sense for any mainstream games, and prove to often be more of a PR liability than a revenue asset at this point.


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