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Ubisoft to Continue with NFT Plans Despite Backlash, Calls Gaming NFT ‘Major Change That Will Take Time’

Ubisoft Quartz has decided to push on, despite the backlash from fans and the gaming community at large.


Recently, Ubisoft became the first AAA studio to embark on its journey into NFTs as they introduced in-game NFTs with the launch of their Tezos-based Quartz platform.

It didn’t take long for the backlash to come pouring in from the gaming community at large. Today, Ubisoft took to addressing the considerable backlash they’ve been receiving.

In conversation with Decrypt, they cited video game NFTs as a “major change” for players. The introduction of tokenized collectibles having launched in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint earlier this month came with a varying degree of responses from fans, with a lot of people calling these limited-edition digital items ‘pointless’ or a ‘cynical’ trend to chase.

Other fans suggested that Ubisoft’s plan could potentially harm the environment too, even though they’re using Tezos which is a proof-of-stake blockchain. One that’s considered energy-efficient when compared to Ethereum, the leading NFT platform.

Either ways, what’s worth noting here is that Ubisoft went ahead with their plans. This wasn’t the case with GSC Game World with their NFT plans for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2, or Discord with its own crypto wallet integration. Both of them have since abandoned their plans after observing the pushback from fans.

In regards to Ubisoft’s announcement, they’ve entered a partnership with, in order to provide decentralized storage for their NFT assets, called “Digits” on the Quartz Platform. Ubisoft’s Blockchain Technical Director, Didier Genevois was in conversation with Decrypt regarding the questions about the game’s NFT rollout earlier this month.

“We have received a lot of feedback since the announcement, and we hear both the encouragement and the concerns,” he mentioned. “We understand where the sentiment towards the technology comes from, and we need to keep taking it into consideration every step of the way.” 

Genevois continued on, stating “This experiment is meant to understand how the value proposition of decentralization can be received and embraced by our players. We know it is a major change that will take time, but we will stay true to our three principles.”

Genevois said that Ubisoft’s principles are to “use technology responsibly” and “build a safe environment” for the players to explore how NFTs function. “Only leverage energy-efficient proof-of-stake blockchains,” as well as “focus on meaningful value propositions for players that benefit their gaming experience.”, a distributed cloud network was chosen as one of Ubisofts’ projects back in May. Ubisoft subsequently agreed to run one of’s channel nodes in July. The official announcement made today only further formalizes the already growing relationship between Ubisoft and the project.

Regarding the project, Genevois said ” Our main objective with Ubisoft Quartz is to showcase the true value of decentralization to our players.” “ played a key role in the realization of our vision by allowing us to go one step further and decentralize the storage of the Digits’ video asset and metadata,” he continued. will assure a long-term storage via its own decentralized network, and will also allow Ubisoft to update their NFT metadata over time. This is a step up for the company as before entering their agreement, Ubisoft had to store its NFT metadata on centralized servers or via IPFS, which is a user-operated file-sharing network.

Ubisoft has also since rolled out NFT drops for Breakpoint, consisting of all free items of course, on 3 separate days earlier this month. They’ve also teased more of these drops for 2022, but there’s no information on which franchises they could be for. founder Jonathan Schemoul believes ““most big publishers will end up proposing in-game NFT support,”” as he states the potential benefits they contain like interoperable assets. “That would be a great breakthrough,” he said, “making the gaming experience even more enjoyable.”


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