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Unsurprisingly, A Will Smith Slap Crypto Exists Because, Of Course, It Does

The Will Smith Inu is currently experiencing a surge, but will it last?

will smith chris rock slap
The Oscars / ABC

Within just about 24 hours from the moment Will Smith stepped on stage at the Academy Awards and slapped Chris Rock, a cryptocurrency to be minted in honor of the occasion was born.

And surprising absolutely no one regarding the popularity of the incident, the meme coin is on the rise, and fast, too.

The Will Smith Inu coin has seen its value soar 469% in just the past 24 hours, which is absolutely crazy. That’s about 35% lower than the highs it hit at 7 AM ET on Tuesday, though.

Now, for anyone else who is considering deep-diving into an investment, it might not be the best course of action, considering the fact that 2.3 million Will Smith Inu coins are required for a cash-in for a dollar bill to even be present.

To the veterans of the crypto world, though, this should come as no surprise. This is about how things go.

A moment in pop culture happens and presents an opportunity, which then someone or multiple people in some cases, use that to mint a coin around it in an effort to cash in on the publicity, and after that, either the coin fades away or the creators perform a rug pull and walk away with millions of dollars. The Squid Games Token last year is another potent example of a situation like that.

Mostly, these tokens aren’t even licensed, as is evident by the fact that Kanye West was able to successfully sue the creators of a parody crypto many years prior to this incident.

What’s more is, the Will Smith Chris Rock slap situation doesn’t stop with just tokens, either. There’s also a DAO that’s selling NFTs at the moment, and though the prices aren’t as hiked up as say, Bored Ape Yacht Club, they are about 2000 of them, meaning that the volume still adds up.

These projects are, alongside others riding the hype and the trendy status of the situation, are just probably in it for a good laugh, not entirely unlike the large number of memes and comments circulating not just on Twitter but on Facebook and Instagram as well, regarding the slap. Of course, when it comes down to real money though, there’s always a chance for fraud to take place, which is why caution is advised.


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